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STYLO 4:20

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"Stylo 4:20 - Joint" is a limited special edition that we build on the Stylo 240 lure body.

The particoular building process made this lure to be considered as a collection piece: you can check the entire building process in the video below.

Made in Italy with passion, this lure is perfect to be exposed in your show case, on your office desk, or if you are brave enough you can fish it!

All the Jack fin team take part to the production of the JOINT LURE, trying to reach the best result in terms of details and quality.

"Stylo 4:20" is sold with its own special collection packaging and the personalized lighter.

As a special edition lure, if you are interested to purchase it, please send a request by mail at this address: info@jackfin.it

Get one, enjoy it and relax!


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